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Our claim was filed. Matt Hughes sent a

March 22, 2023

Our claim was filed. Matt Hughes sent an email out to the wrong email. An email I’ve never had. My agent has the right email. Anyway, MH continues to reach out to my husband (not the home owner). Very poor customer service. I am 10 days in and have $0 offered for incidentals. I have kept receipts, separated them out from other expenses, etc but they need time to sort and process. Well, I have been feeding a family of 4 out of pocket. It is not my fault nothing has been done. I agree with other reviewers. 1. Avoid this company but also 2. Hold your agent responsible. I trusted my agent to find reputable companies. Clearly, the reviews weren’t considered. Also, when you have coverage for housing while displaced, make a plan! They have offered us housing nowhere near our home or employment and reported there is nothing out there. Most interesting is how they respond and offer assistance, support, or resolution but it seems like excuses. I think it is just a CYA move so people think they care about the customer. If by some miracle we suddenly get things sorted and there is support I will absolutely update but not holding my breath!

Edit:. We are on our 3rd adjuster. When receipts for food were submitted I was advised to subtract what I’d normally spend on groceries. Ok fair enough but does that mean I get to claim time off work? I normally don’t take off and being told when I needed to be at the home for inspection hasn’t been my choice. I actually told him the time wouldn’t work and he repeated his schedule and told me he would be there at that time. Great! Then his supervisor tells me…I am the boss as this is my home. I make the decisions. Clearly that is a sales pitch or his other 3 employees weren’t given the same info.

Incident 2/26. First incidental check was mailed 3/10. Didn’t get it by 3/17. Asked for stop payment and reissue. Was told by the agent it can’t be direct deposited. His supervisor said it could but should’ve been set up by first adjuster. (the one who did nothing). When I said he didn’t do that I got the “you can’t fix the past, let’s move forward” speech. Oh my.


I have made a claim over 7 months ago no

March 15, 2023

anthony oyefeso

I had a policy for 13 years. Two years

February 27, 2023

I had a policy for 13 years. Two years ago I needed a new well pump. I tried to see if it was covered. They said I would need to file a claim to find out, so I did and it was denied, no problem I thought so I paid for it.

Last year my hot water heater busted and I had 4000 dollars of water damage. They said don’t worry and paid for it.

This year they canceled me. Their reason was my original agent no longer worked for them so I found a different agent but was denied because they said I had two claim within 3 years..

John Benson

Dishonest and completely immoral company

February 23, 2023

American Modern Insurance is a totally dishonest and deceptive company that will scour your contracts for any possible way to deny you coverage. We purchased homeowners insurance with 100k for loss of property. When we were burglarized, they first claimed that they would not cover us because there was no sign of forced entry. When the Sheriff confirmed that


Do not use this insurance company , this

February 14, 2023